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106 days ago / Chris Billows
Fandomnaut Enhancements

We are pleased to announce a few new enhancements to allow users to have more control of and thus more fun with collecting icons!

We have added the Root Folder to your profile. This Root Folder is where you can place some or all of your Fandoms in.

We have also added Folded Fandoms which are Folders where you can place Fandoms. It now become possible to nest fandoms within each other for better organizing.

The Root Folder becomes the base folder for everything and is where all of your Folded Fandoms could be found.

Drop us a line with your feedback. Please do so through our Cybersideline contact system.

August 15, 2018 / Chris Billows

When you use Fandomnaut, you will see at the top of the Icon Page a row of buttons to use.


There buttons are:

Clicking the Astronaut icon is the way to Assimilate an Icon into your own Fandom.

Clicking the Salute icon is the way to appreciate an Icon and track it later to use at your convenience.

Clicking the Report icon is the way to flag an Icon for concern because it is offensive or harms a copyright holder.

If you have the proper permissions, the Edit Icon is the way to change the Icons attributes including title, tags, rating, etc.

August 8, 2018 / Chris Billows

Fandomnauts allows users to add Icons to their various Fandoms and in doing so they are introduced to one of our special features – Icon Attributes!

It is with Icon Attributes you can make your own unique mark on an Icon you like. You can allocate a monetary value to it, a person rating, or create an internal hierarchy so that you can sort your icons.

Below is a snapshot of these Attribute fields with some suggestions of how you can fill them in if desired.



August 1, 2018 / Chris Billows

Welcome to beta-launch of

We are putting some final touches on the site and have some ideas in draft to enhance the utility of the site and to improve the UI/UX.

The site aims to be intuitively built so no tutorial is required, but the best way to know if it is working as intended is to get your feedback. Please do so through our Gamenigma ticket system.

Thanks for visiting and hope you have fun!