• 1 Season
1987 •
65 Epds. •


In a story as old as time, four teens meet a heroic intergalactic group of anthropomorphic dinosaurs named Dinosaucers and join their ages-old war against a group of evil anthropomorphic dinosaurs known as the Tyrannos. These human teens will become the Secret Scouts and are given special rings and jackets with really puffy collars.

As silly as the premise sounds, Dinosaucers was created by none other than Michael E. Uslan, better known as a producer of the live-action “Batman” films. The series shares a strong resemblance with “Transformers,” with its warring factions of aliens from a distant world. Instead of going full-on “Challenge of the GoBots,” the series decided to just give technological advances to dinosaurs, which judging by this list, kids of the ‘80s were in love with.

The series only lasted one season, but stands out from the rest of the lost ‘80s cartoon crowd with its lack of toy line. A series of toys was planned, but instead of pushing the toys instantly, the toy company decided to see how the series did, first. Unfortunately, the series was canceled and the prototypes of the toys were shelved, and no action figures were created.