• 2 Seasons
1986 •
65 Epds. •

The Centurions: Power Xtreme

You would think a series that utilized the talents of comic book legends Gil Kane and Jack Kirby for concepts and design work would be amazing, especially if it, also, featured episodes written by none other than Gerry Conway. Unfortunately, “The Centurions” wasn’t the massive hit that everyone had hoped it would be.

“The Centurions” tells the story of a group of heroes known as the Centurions that shout “PowerXtreme” and turn into half-mech, half-human weapons and fight the evil Doc Terror and his drones. The series separates itself from many of the cartoons on this list due to its great animation. Instead of working with cheaper animation houses, “The Centurions” was animated by Sunrise, known for “Gundam,” “Cowboy Bebop,” and a ton of other series.

“The Centurions,” obviously, had a highly successful toy line created by Kenner that allowed kids to put on various exo-suits on their figures. The series also inspired a comic book series by DC Comics.