• 1 Season
1988 •
65 Epds. •


Not to be confused with the 1989 reality show of the same name, “COPS” tells the story of a futuristic group of super-cops that protect Empire City from “Big Boss” Babel and his gang of CROOKS. COPS is actually an acronym for “Central Organization of Police Specialists.”

Utilizing the futuristic setting, the series had more in common with superhero comics than it did with everyday police officers. Each member of COPS had a unique ability, including their leader Bulletproof, with a cybernetic torso that made him actually bulletproof. The CROOKS also had special abilities, like Buttons Mc BoomBoom (you can’t possibly make this stuff up!), who also had a cybernetic torso. However, his torso concealed twin machine guns.

“COPS” also was known for its catchphrases. “It’s crime fighting time,” was said by the COPS, which may or may not be a play off of The Thing’s “It’s Clobberin’ Time” saying. Meanwhile, the CROOKS were known to say, “Crime’s a-wasting.” COPS only lasted one season, but also had a 15-issue comic series published by DC Comics.