• 2 Seasons
1988 •
50 Epds. •

Denver, the Last Dinosaur

“Denver the Last Dinosaur” was about as ‘80s as the 1980s could get. Featuring a group of California teens that discover and hatch the last dinosaur egg, these kids teach the dinosaur, Denver, all the best parts of life in the ‘80s, like skateboarding and wearing super cool sunglasses! If you ask someone if they’ve heard of the show, they may not remember it other than the catchy theme song that’s destined to be stuck in your head for days.

In addition to riding a skateboard and getting into trouble, Denver also had a piece of his shell that, when used, would allow himself and his friends to go back in time to pre-historic Earth. The series came about in a time when cute dinosaurs were all the rage. “The Land Before Time” was launched around this time, which became an instant hit with children. However, when that series saw declines in popularity, it affected “Denver the Last Dinosaur” as well. The series only lasted two seasons.