• 2 Seasons
1984 •
65 Epds. •

Challenge of the Gobots!

A series about two warring factions of transforming robots that’s not called “Transformers.” Welcome to “Challenge of the GoBots!”

The “Transformers rip-off” as most people know it as is about the good robots from the planet Gobotron named the Guardians as they battle the Renegades. Unlike the Transformers, these factions didn’t have any distinguishing marks in the TV show. There wasn’t a cool symbol for each, as seen in “Transformers,” and the character designs all looked the same, which caused confusion among viewers.

However, that didn’t stop Hanna-Barbera from pushing these robots for two seasons and a movie. Yes, just like “Transformers,” the GoBots were featured in a movie, released the same year as “Transformers: The Movie,” called “GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords.” You may be let down to know that this movie doesn’t have the GoBots crossing over with late ‘80s rockstars. Instead, the film has them interact with transforming rocks. Yes, transforming rocks.

Eventually the feud was put to rest when Hasbro decided to buy Tonka, who created the failing property, in 1991 and Transformers canon was updated to show that the GoBots lived in an alternate universe.