• 4 Seasons
1984 •
65 Epds. •


The most popular show on this list (based on number of seasons), but still forgotten by most everybody, is “Snorks.” Lasting a total of four seasons, the show was just never able to reach the popularity if its sister-show, “The Smurfs.” The similarities between the two shows are pretty obvious. “Snorks” is about a group of a small race of beings living in Snorkland with snorkels on their heads, which they use to travel around. Take away the snorkels on their heads, and the Snorks are pretty much the same as the Smurfs, just underwater.

It’s clear that Hanna-Barbera, the creators of both shows, phoned it in with “Snorks.” Every aspect of the show is just inferior to “The Smurfs,” and it’s not like “The Smurfs” is Emmy-worthy television to begin with. From character designs to the writing of the show, “Snorks” was clearly just a cash grab for Hanna-Barbera and NBC. You can’t blame ‘80s kids for completely forgetting this series.