• 1 Season
1986 •
65 Epds. •

Defenders of the Earth

Did you know that Stan Lee was a lyricist? Well, not full-time or anything, but he did provide the lyrics to the opening theme of “Defenders of the Earth.” The series featured the super-team of Flash Gordon, The Phantom, Mandrake the Magician and Lothar, Mandrake’s super strong sidekick, as they fought a green-skinned version of Ming the Merciless.

Perhaps worried that the series featuring heroes from another generation wouldn’t appeal to children, the Defenders also had four young teens helping the main four heroes. Each teen was the child of one of the main four Defenders. Ming the Merciless also favored nepotism by having his son fight by his side.

The series only lasted one season, but the odd combination of heroes spawned a toy line (naturally), books, comics and even a video game. While Stan Lee never did write another theme song, fans can still listen to his (not so awesome) lyrics on YouTube.