• 1 Season
1987 •
65 Epds. •


Not too many people know that “BraveStarr” technically started as a spinoff of the animated “Ghostbusters” series from 1986. When the writers of “Ghostbusters” created the character Tex Hex, they decided to create a series around the character instead of using him in “Ghostbusters,” and thus, “BraveStarr” was born.

The series tells the story of New Texas, a planet almost 2000 light-years from Earth, where BraveStarr and his trusty horse, Thirty/Thirty, protect citizens from the evil Stampede and his sidekick, Tex Hex. The show only lasted one season, but produced 65 episodes. Each episode features a moral at the end, similar to “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.” One such moral involved a kid who became addicted to a space drug, only to overdose and eventually die.

After the series was canceled, a film titled “BraveStarr: The Movie” was made. Released in 1988, with only a limited, matinee release, the film flopped. Filmation, the creators of “BraveStarr” couldn’t recover and went out of business.