• 1 Season
1988 •
14 Epds. •


“Dino-Riders” has the distinction of having one of the more difficult to explain premises on the list. The series is about a group of people called the Valorians who are engaged in a war with the Rulons. The Valorians, who are basically humans, are fleeing from the Rulons, a group of grotesque aliens, when the Valorians use their “S.T.E.P. crystal” and are taken back in time 65 million years to pre-historic Earth. There, the Valorians use their AMP necklaces to befriend the dinosaurs and combine forces to battle the Rulons. The Rulons, instead, use “brain boxes” to brainwash other dinosaurs to fight for them. So, basically, lots of super-powered dinosaurs fighting.

Sounds complicated, huh? Well, the series only lasted 14 episodes, but did spawn multiple, successful toy lines, as well as, a miniseries from Marvel Comics. The series still lives on with fans, with shout outs in “South Park” and “Robot Chicken.” There were also rumors in 2015 that Mattel was going to attempt to create a film based on “Dino-Riders,” but no news has come out since then.