• 1 Season
1986 •
65 Epds. •


Coming hot off the heels of the success of “Thundercats,” series creators Rankin and Bass decided to tweak their formula slightly and create “Silverhawks.” Instead of following catlike humanoid aliens, the series follows a group of humans from the far future, which battle enemies in space with their shiny, winged metallic suits.

The characters are described as “partly metal, partly real” and fight an escaped alien mob boss who turns into a hulking armored character named Mon*Star. While most of the Silverhawks had wings and could fly, one of the crew, Lt. Colonel Bluegrass didn’t have wings. Instead, he fought enemies with his weapons, a super-powered guitar and a lasso. Yes, this series had campiness for days.

Rankin and Bass didn’t even really attempt to hide the similarities between the two series. “Silverhawks” features almost the exact same voice cast as “Thundercats,” down to the voice actor of “Thundercats” villain Mumm-Ra providing the voice of Mon*Star in “Silverhawks” and sounding virtually identical. While “Silverhawks” only lasted once season, they produced 65 episodes, a Marvel-produced comic book series, and a full toy line, which was very popular with kids.